CABERGOLINE (CABER) 1mg x20 tabs

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CABERGOLINE (CABER) 1mg x20 tabs


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CABERGOLINE Cabergoline effectively inhibits prolactin secretion and reduces prolactin levels caused by certain steroids. High levels of prolactin are associated with impotence and infertility. Nandrolone Deconate (deca) and Trenbolone (tren) are the main culprits for this. The terms 'deca dick' and 'tren dick' are because of this. However Caber can rectify this problem with a relatively low dose. You would start a dosage with 0.25mg 2x per week , then maybe go to 0.50mg 2x per week ..with maximum doses being 1mg 2x per week. Cabers main clinical use is for the treatment of hyperprolactinemia . This is the over secretion of prolatin in the anterior pituitary. Caber inhibits prolactin secretion, which it does by mimicking dopamines actions on the d2 receptor. Overall  Cabergoline is a relatively safe drug

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