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TRI TEST 400 sphinx pharma

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Tri test 400 testosterone blend tri test is a combination of Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone undecanoate and Testosterone Enanthate ...containing medium/slow acting esters. In fact the only difference between the tri test 400 and the test blend 400 is the esters. I see no real advantage in stacking testosterone cypionate with enanthate though, as the pharmacokinetics of these two esters are literally identical. Testosterone levels peak and drop in parallel with these two agents, with no visible distinction. Upon closer investigation we see that the only advantage to adding cypionate appears to be a marketing one. So we now have another product with three steroids instead of two. At least with Sustanon the release parameters are different with each ester, such as that an attempt is made to integrate the four and support the balanced release of testosterone. The effects of Test 400 would be similar to that of all testosterones. Testosterone is one of the best mass-building agents, so users can expect substantial gains with this product. Testosterone is also strongly estrogenic and androgenic, so one should expect these gains to be accompanied by strong side effects. This includes water retention, possible fat increases and even gynecomastia if estrogenic levels get too high. Acne, oily skin and possible hair loss from the androgenic component of this steroid. Ancillary drugs can minimalise testosterones side effects. Such as Nolvadex, Clomid or Arimidex. However most refrain from these drugs, enduring minor side effects unless they become a problem so as to maximise potential tissue gains. Doses As with other testosterones , test 400 works well at doses from 250mg per week to 1000mg per week . A good range to stay in would be 200mg to 500mg per week , above this side effects could outweigh the benefits.

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